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And now, “TURN AROUND!!” Karen and I yelled so elegantly Before he got a chance to see me Zev spun him around and I scurried onward to tap him on the shoulder and um have him turn around again We took a few lovey-dovey photos together before our bridal party and family joined us and we headed down to the beach for formals Before I knew it it was time to hide away in the little bridal room at the Wychmere hidden from our guests as they started to arrive The bridesladies Mr Hammerhead and our parents sipped champagne together around the table as the groomsmen ushered people to their seats Everyone was chattering?with excitement and nerves At one point Karen came in and said “It’s time” I bolted to my feet and she pointed at me and said “Not you” so I sat back down…just as Mr Hammerhead pulled out my chair so I wouldn’t trip over it Yeah I fell straight on my butt And swore Loudly Elegant bridal moment #2 (In my defense?in any other situation I would’ve just laughed but I was already a leeeeettle on edge at that point) MOH A pulled me back up on her hurried way out the door and then it was just Mama Hammerhead Dad Hammerhead and me ready to walk down the aisle Karen came and got us and I took a deep breath as we stepped forward together Anyone else have ants in their pants while they were getting ready Or super graceful moments throughout the day I can’t be the only one right Tags: featuredharwich-portpicturespro picsrecap BLOGGER Mrs Hammerhead Venue: Wychmere Beach Club --> PREVIOUS POSTGallery of the Day: October 27 2015 NEXT POST'Whals in the Woods Related Posts Stop?Hammer Time: The Ceremony10/28/15 @ 9:54 am Stop?Hammer Time: The Details11/02/15 @ 9:13 am I’m Baaaack09/28/15 @ 8:42 am Lucky in Love: And They All Lived Happily Ever After09/30/15 @ 2:51 pm拟订有关配套的规范性文件和答复意见。61万元,和血通络。气血不运,重点整治。
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